Boxing vs Muay Thai Fight – Somrak vs Yodwanpadet, Rajadamnern Stadium Bangkok – 2nd April 2015

Somrak Khamsing (154lbs.RED) vs Yodwanpadet Sor. Junlansen (154lbs.BLUE). Somrak and Yodwanpadet fight a Boxing vs Muay Thai match, on the “Wanmitchai+Petchviset” promotion at Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok. HD. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Timo Ruge.




  1. for the guys who dont know, somrak was a thaiboxer who was to good so promoters didnt let him fight. so he became a boxer champion if im not wrong. and returned after many years to muay thai

  2. Honestly for a street fight you cant go wrong with either Boxing or Muay Thai. Sanshou, Kyokushin Karate, and Boxing users have defeated MT kickboxers. But remember it isn't the style it's the heart.

  3. I feel like boxing is a more refined, "sport" kind of fighting than Muay Thai. I won't deny that Muay Thai is definitely refined in its own sense as far as actual fighting goes but boxing is just so impressive as a sport comparatively. It is close though

  4. if that were a street fight then that muay thai guy would get his ass kicked the amount of times he got dominated in the clinch and tooken to the floor was unreal proves wing chun is the best we have effective ways of blocking shots not like this muay thai guy who got hit a thousand times and we can stop takedowns and fight on the floor

  5. มวยส้นตีน…มวยไทย เจอ มวยสากล…ทำเวทีที่อยู่มา 70ปีเสี่อมหมด… คราวหน้าพวกมึงไปต่อยกันตามวัดนะ

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