4 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for beginners to make money online. You do not need your own products, deal with customer support, or even have your own website. There is a low level of entry and the profit potential is very exciting.

The following 4 affiliate marketing tips will get your online affiliate journey headed off into the right direction to maximize your earnings:

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs – It is important to look at the average lifetime customer value per each sale that you make. So an initial low ticket sale can add up to a high ticket commission over the lifetime of that new customer. Monthly recurring affiliate programs are one of the best ways to do this. The conversions are often not much lower than selling a one-off purchase, yet the commission will come back each month.

Personal Development – Making money online as an affiliate marketer is about the mindset, and not so much about the marketing strategies. If you believe you deserve lots of money and will succeed in your business then half the battle is won. Many people approach this as something they will “give a whirl” and “see what happens” and they often act as a victim by saying “I am so overwhelmed”. But if you have a positive attitude and make the decision to make your online business work, no matter what, then nothing can stop you.

Learn Internet Marketing – The ability to make money online stems from being able to drive traffic with internet marketing. So look learn the essentials of how to get traffic. It is a good idea to learn a combination of free traffic methods such as article marketing, SEO and video marketing, plus paid advertising with email solo ads and pay per click campaigns. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and ensure you have a constant stream of leads arriving each day from a variety of different traffic sources.

Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products – You can earn the big money by selling products that pay out commissions in the thousands of dollars. It only takes one or two sales of these high ticket products a month to make an excellent living wage. Many newbies try to sell hundreds of low ticket ebooks, but it takes exactly the same amount of time and effort to sell expensive products than it does to sell cheap products. So why short change yourself?

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